Sharon Eyres is a self-taught artist, born in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.  Though spent most of her growing up in Muskoka, Ontario surrounded by clear skies, fresh water lakes and trees. She paints lively and detailed primitive folk art landscapes, nautical scenes, including sporting themes such as hockey and ice skating themes. Her approach to painting is spontaneous and influenced by the simple directness of Folk Art. Sharon admires The Group of Seven, Krieghoff’s Canadian subject matter, Chagall and the naïve style of Grandma Moses. Her paintings are most often imaginary and her use of shadows is irregular and earlier works often contained no shadows or people at all. Although Sharon has held many high level administrative positions it was while raising her young boys that a turning point in her career came in 1995 when she presented The Schomberg Main Street Committee with a poster idea to promote “A Main Street Christmas”. It has since become an annual event and due to the enthusiastic response, Sharon painted the next five posters which are passionately collected. Her boys now grown, she has established roots in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Original paintings can be found on this website as well as ebay under user: sharoneyres.  Sharon can also be found facebook and pinterest!